} If it came up and slit your throat.

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[23 Aug 2005|06:57pm]
[ mood | thankful ]

well, i really need to update about sunday afternoon. my dad, mom , brother, andrew, taylor, and I went bowling in Jonesville for the day. we bowled one game and then played a couple games of pool. well, my mom and dad stayed in the bowling alley talking to the owner because we know him. the rest of us four went out to the car. my brother and i started to talk about the tv show cops. my brother said "i learned a great move from that show." he came up to me and accidently jerked my arm to far behind me. my whole arm from the shoulder down went numb and i started to feel woozy. the last thing i remember is i said "i feel like im going to pass out" and taylor said "are you serious." next thing i knew, i woke up with two policeman with my parents over me, my brother to the side freaking out, and taylor and andrew sitting behind me freaking out as well. i didnt know who my mom was or where i was until after two minutes after i woke up. the damages from the fall was that i had 4 teeth that was knocked loose, my right front one was knocked back (theyre gonna be fine because i went to the orthidontist and he said that if i wear my retainer 24/7 for the next week then they should tighten back into place), my hand has scratches and bruises and maybe a broken thumb and index finger on my left hand (which wont allow me to play tennis this week), sore thighs, scratched and swollen knee, bruised nose, and cut lips. oh yea, taylor said that i was out for 4 minutes and that when i hit, my head bounced 2 inches off the ground. thank the lord that was all i had. it couldve been a concussion, but i didnt have one. today, i sat and watched the tennis team play surry central. we lost, but i got to sit out and talk to cody, marcy, kelsey, and laura. cody and i talked for about 2 hrs. he has great taste in music and is very skilled in tennis. he borrowed my cds to burn and in return hes making me burnt cds. yay!

(Sugar, we're going down.)

[11 Jun 2005|03:36pm]
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(Sugar, we're going down.)

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